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Auto Rendering Machine


Automatic Rendering Machine Brief Introduction

Automatic Rendering Machine Automatic rendering machine is unique and perhaps one kind of automated rendering machinery ideally suitable for the construction/building industry. It works with conventional cement mortar which brings it to a smooth, flat finish with variable and adjustable thickness to suit each application.

Automatic rendering machine makes rendering easier, faster, and effortless as compare to manual application. This time and money saving machine, keeps up with the ever changing world of building automation.

Contents: Two models Features Advantages Application Scope Assembling and Operation

Two models of Automatic Rendering Machine

  ZB800-2A   ZB800-2B

Features of Automatic Rendering Machine

1. It can reach the very top of the roof.
2. Combine with the screw and conveying belt to achieve the vibrating compaction, no gaul, no crack.
3. Fast positioning.
4. Hydraulic lifting methods to improve the stability of the machine.
5. If the cable fall off, the machine will stop automatically.
6. Larger hopper, more materials can be loaded.

Automatic Rendering Machine VS Manual Work

  Automatic Rendering Machine Manual Work
Rendering Speed 450 m2/ 8 hours Less than 30m2/ 8 hours
Labor Intensity Effortless Hard work
Workers Required Two More
Scaffolding Very few More
Coating One Several
Rendering Quality Mirror finishing in horizontal and vertical level Rely on experience of workers

Advantages of Automatic Rendering Machine

It's the combination of time saving and money saving.
It keeps up with ever changing world of building automation.
• Saving valuable time for projects
• Increasing the productivity. Render up to 450 m2 / 8 hours.
• Saving labor and other related cost.
• The working condition, preparation and raw objects work with are all similar as manual rendering. Be portable, easy operation and maintenance. Be easy controlling of windows, corners, sockets.

Application Scope of Automatic Rendering Machine

Automatic rendering machine is capable to render on bricks and blocks with cement mortar, ready mix mortar, lime mortar or gypsum mortar.

Assembling and Operation of Automatic Rendering Machine

Time Sheet

Step2 Assemble machine 120 seconds
Step3 Move the machine to the wall for rendering 20 seconds
Step4 Adjust the vertical and horizontal level 20 seconds
Step5 Load any kind of suitable mixture to tank 30 seconds
Step6 Render one scction 800 mm 60 seconds*
Remarks: * means the time of rendering up to 3 m height of wall with 800 mm width for one section.

Rendering Process


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